Mom, teacher, military spouse, online business and personal development lover!

Welcome! Make yourself at home.

This website is many things: a blog, a resource for Canadian (and all) military spouses, and an opportunity to link arms with a woman who GETS IT. And by “it”, I mean “what it’s like to live your life as a military spouse, feeling like you’re mostly in a position of no control over your own life and trying to parent your kids the best you can while keeping up your home and finding a job and trying not to feel like you’re drowning in overwhelm every. Single. Day.”

Sound familiar?

Enter a Military Lifestyle Mentor. What is that, exactly? It’s what you get when you combine a military wife who has a passion for finding and serving her fellow mil-spouses, who is also a teacher, who is also a nut for all things personal development, who also wanted to create her own online business that she could take with her wherever she’s posted. TA DAA!

Sounds pretty great, eh?! (<– Did I mention I’m Canadian?!)

Please make yourself at home here. Check out my Blog, learn all about who I am, find a few quick but necessary Canadian military resources, and best of all, find out how you can work with me to create a better balance in your life by experiencing more joy and gratitude daily and minimizing the stress and overwhelm (doesn’t that sound amazeballs?!).

I’m so glad you’re here! If I could offer you a tea or coffee, I would. But since you’re on my website and not in my living room, the best I can offer you is a hearty HELLO, and an I SEE YOU, and a PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN HELP YOU AND ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFE.

Would you like sugar with that? 🙂

Love, Mel