Farting Dogs

Ok I know I already posted today but as I sit here on the bed, surfing the internet, watching TV, and hoping to God that Lucas sleeps well tonight, I am once again offended by the noxious odour that has escaped from one of the dogs. As I try not to gag I can’t help but wonder how it is possible that a dog can make such a truly horrible smell. They eat the same thing day after day….so why do they randomly produce such a foul stench? And they’re so sneaky about it, too. Just sleeping on the bed, spread out and taking up much more room than I do, sleeping away. And the gas doesn’t usually make any sound so you have no warning that you are about to encounter one of the most God-awful smells ever. It just sneaks up on you and then BAM! Dog fart.

                           Truly horrible. Truly disgusting. Truly mysterious.

                      How can these beautiful creatures create such a foul stench?

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