Favourite Baby Things

As a (relatively) new mother there are certain things that I very quickly learned I couldn’t live without. I love these products so much I thought I would share them with you! Pictures of items are taken from Google or directly from the product website.
(Note – these are listed in the order they came into my mind, not in the order I like them best)

 1. Moby Wrap

I couldn’t live without this! Monkey is NOT a good napper during the day and for the first 5 months of life would seldom nap in his crib so this was the only way I could get stuff done! Even now, weighing in at a hefty 20lbs I still use it all the time.

2. I’Coo Pacific Stroller

This little baby is one sweet ride. Forward or backward facing, bassinet to seat all in one piece. Awesome on snow, sand, grass, whatever and it folds down quite compactly. I’ve received many compliments on it!

3. SoftBums Cloth Diapers

We spent about $600 when all was said and done on our SoftBums stash and have never looked back. We never need to buy disposables except when laundry isn’t available (like in hotels for extended periods) or in rare occasions like now, when we are battling a night-time leak situation that I’m sure is due to something we are doing NOT the diapers since I have several friends who use these without any issues. I HIGHLY recommend cloth diapering! As you can see from the picture, you can start using most of them right from the very beginning!!

4. Foaming Tot Wash by Rocky Mountain Soap Company

This baby wash is easy to use, smells good, is easy on their skin and good for the environment. ‘Nuff said, no?

5. The Baby Bullet

Now that Monkey is eating solid food, this bad boy comes in really handy. You can take your time and cook up something special just for him, or toss in a banana, avocado, peach, or whatever you’re having for dinner yourself and blend it up in seconds (providing it’s safe for your babes to eat what you are having, of course).

I’m sure as soon as I post this I’ll think of many other things that I love having, but that’s a start at least!

Your turn! What can’t you live without for your kiddo(s)?


  • I think you have pretty much got everything EXCEPT the Soothing Sounds Giraffe! If your child needs a little background noise the Soothing Sounds Giraffe is an amazing tool to get your little one to sleep or keep them asleep 🙂

  • I love Clare's aquarium that attaches to her crib. She knows how to turn it on and does so to soothe herself back to sleep if she wakes up.

    On a side note. There is an i'Coo baby doll set in the Wish book! Saw it and thought of you:)

  • Oooooo! I have 2 favourites: Scout (or Violet), who are singing bears that sing songs with your child's name in them. You can upload various selections of music on them and they have a bedtime music function aswell – saved my butt a couple of times when trying to get my little "monkey" to bed! Also, they make these fabulous infant sleeping bags – I was always paranoid about using blankets when I put my daughter to sleep, and these are little bags that you put their arms through and zip up. LOVE THEM!!

  • Bum Bum Balm Diapering Salve! Gets rid of any redness before it gets too irritated or turns into a rash. Plus it's safe to use with cloth diapers!

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