I Never…

Cast your memory back to those university days when you may or may not have played the drinking game, “I never” (or a variation of the same title). Well now that we’re all grown up (at least, some of the time), let’s play the Mama version.

I’ll start – I’ll write something that I NEVER thought I would do as a parent but HAVE DONE. If you have also done this then you indicate that and then write your own, “I never…”

I never let Monkey sleep in bed with us (and I “never” do this about every third or fourth night…more if Hubby is away!)

Okay, your turn. And don’t leave me hangin’, here!! Remember, if you HAVE let baby sleep in bed with you then you say so and then write your own “I never” statement. Feel free to comment more than once to keep this going for a bit!


  • I never thought I would take Ella for a drive to get her to sleep!

  • I've done that!!
    I "NEVER" let Monkey nap in my arms because it feels sooooo good.

  • I 'NEVER' co-slept either (especially with the second one)…

    And I 'NEVER' spit-washed my kids, especially in public. 😉

  • I "never" sneaked my little one in bed with me to get an extra hour of sleep in the morning" LOL.

    I also "never" allow my son to play with the remote controls and phones because somedays it is just easier to give in and let him!

  • Ok, I'll admit to bringing her into bed once in a while in the morning and to letting her nap in my arms!

    I "NEVER" gave her a pacifier just to make the crying stop!

  • I "Never" let him sleep on his tummy and covered him with a blanket because he would slept better.

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