Never underestimate the value of sending someone flowers.
I’ve been having a bit of a hard time adjusting to this new life. Six weeks ago I had a circle of friends to visit, a best friend a few streets over, baby play-dates, and a generally fulfilling life both at home and socially. But now everything just seems so quiet and still. You know that cliche of crickets chirping in the silence to indicate when things are just THAT quiet that that sound is all you can hear? Some days it feels like that sound is the metaphorical soundtrack playing in the background.
My parents were just here for their first visit and it was wonderful. They were only here for a week but they did painting, housework, groceries, errands cooking, taking Lucas for walks, feeding the dogs and anything else that I asked them to do. It was great…just like living at home again where at 5:00 you ask, “What’s for dinner?” having put no thought into it yourself because you knew it was taken care of. My hubby is working nights for a military exercise right now and sleeping during the day so I doubly appreciate all the help. Needless to say after I returned home from dropping them off at the airport and the longest 2 1/2 hour drive ever (thank you, crying Lucas) the house felt bigger and emptier than it did before. After Hubby went to work the evening started to go down the kind of self-pitying path that is never good and a phonecall home to my parents just turned me into a blubbering child. But Mom’s loving words made me feel better and I went to bed happy…enough.

Today my wonderful parents sent me flowers. Flowers! Such a relatively common gesture to many people but it had such a huge impact and really picked me up.

What kinds of pick-me-ups do you enjoy when you’re feeling a bit down? A bath? Wine? A jog?



  • I think the best pick me up is a call to the best sister in the world!!!! She's always a wonderful person to talk to! You should give that a try!

  • Baths, Wine, Getting out of the house for a bit, Calling home, and a really good chick flick. Mix a few of these together and it's heaven 😉

  • One of my pick me ups is having your best buddy post a comment of FB saying they are thinking about you, when you feel that everyone in the world has forgotten. It reminds you that no matter what you are not alone.

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