The Etiquette of Other People’s Babies….OR…Get Your Nicotine-Stained Fingers Off My Baby, You Foul-Smelling, Crazy Old Lady

What is WITH people? Why do strangers think it is perfectly acceptable to just reach out and touch someone else’s baby? This has happened to Monkey and I multiple times, but I will give you the latest example.

This morning we went to a play group. There were many nice mothers and their children of various ages there as well as two women who I am assuming were the grandmothers of some kids (I think I heard one of them being referred to as “Grandma”, hence my assumption). One of these ladies was joking that she was going to take Lucas home because he was just so cute (she said it in a friendly way, not a creepy way). I joked back with her that she could have the night-shift (refer to previous post about Monkey’s lack of excellent sleep). Well I suppose this friendly banter lead this poor women to believe that I was her new bestie and would warmly welcome her into my personal “bubble”. But oh…oh, she was mistaken.

I picked Monkey up out of the exersaucer with the intentions of leaving as he appeared to be getting sleepy and nap time was soon approaching. Again, Lady seemed to think that this served as an invitation to come closer and play peek-a-boo with Monkey from behind my shoulder while I held him and spoke to someone else. Again, she was incorrect. But Lady was clearly not one for social astuteness. As she peered at him from behind my shoulder, resting her chin on my left one (What? Who does that?) her odiferous aroma quickly wafted in my direction. Maintaining my smile which by this point must have appeared more like a grimace and trying to ignore her (as best as I could with her chin on my shoulder) became increasingly difficult as she began to tickle Monkey’s tummy and rub his cheeks. Let’s recall that I was holding him in my arms so by touching his tummy she was actually placing her hand in between the two of us (which is, what? 3 inches of space?) and becoming dangerously close to touching my boob.

I quickly wrapped up my conversation with the SANE woman to whom I had already been speaking and left the playgroup. On my way back to my Cara-Vehicle (vans are for girls much, much older than me) I shook my head and checked Monkey for fleas.


Who does that?

Anything like this ever happen to you?



  • lol, it happens to me ALL the time…and its strange but its always old ladies! I'm not against people admiring him, and talking to him obviously, that would be rude. But touching him, is a huge line crosser for me! It makes me so mad!

  • It happens to us all the time too and considering she's only 8 weeks old that's a lot of unwanted touching! Old ladies seem to love to touch her hair and her feet (yes she has big feet but that's no reason to reach into the stroller and grab them!!!).

  • It happened to me too! I love it when strangers…well maybe not strangers, but not best friends try to kiss his outreached hand (and he is a baby so that is normal) Like seriously do you know how many diseases come from ones mouth?

  • Oh and it is even worst with complete strangers… (I left this sentence out.)

  • Oh that is just weird. Good for you maintaining your good manners. I don't think I'll be as nice.

    ~ Lisa

  • LOL – I'm sorry, this made me laugh.

    I completely agree at how inappropriate that was! (And this post got me out of bed for the record. I was in bed checking my FB to put me to sleep when I came across your status. Since I only have a social networking plan I needed to get up out of bed to read it on my computer. You intrigue me, my dear!)

    Back to the topic at hand though – I HATE it when people touch my kids hands. They put their hands in their mouth… and then you want to touch their hand knowing that they are going to stick it back in their mouth again?? I pray I have never done that to someone else's baby! Now I flat out guard their hands and say "Not the hands! They suck on those!!"

    Anyway, I'm going back to bed now… How creepy that would be to have a hand between my baby and my boob… AWKWARD!!

  • Oh My Gosh. I just ran into the same lady at the grocery store! And I tried (oh, how I tried) to ignore her but ended up in line right behind her at the cashier. I tried to be very involved in my iPhone hoping she wouldn't engage but my new best friend didn't get it and reached around the cart to tickle Monkey and grab his hand. I just smiled at her (one of those not-so-friendly-really-I'm-just-curling-up-the-corners-of-my-mouth smiles) and went back to the phone. It didn't last long. Thank gosh. Ew! What to do?!?!?!

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