What This Blog is Not…

I am excited (“psyched” or “totally stoked” you might say) about the fact that people are actually reading this blog. I have to admit that I am completely addicted to blogging already. There is something strange and fascinating to me about being to write what is, essentially, a journal, and have friends and strangers alike read my thoughts and opinions.

However I want to clarify a few things….

This blog IS NOT a place for you to toss sympathy my way. That’s not what I’m after.
It IS a place for me to just share what’s on my mind and for you to do the same.

This blog IS NOT a place for you to just read what I think then move on.
It IS a place for you to share you own stories, thoughts, advice, tips, tricks and so on. (But not your underwear, you shouldn’t share that with anyone. Gross.)

This blog IS NOT a place to air other people’s dirty laundry (especially their underwear. Why do you have that? See above.)
It IS a place for you to tell us all about your own experiences or those of others providing you respect their privacy.

And lastly, this blog IS NOT a mouldy fruit cake (it really isn’t. It’s a blog.).
It IS a place to also share great ideas and great recipes too, if the mood strikes!!

And on that note, anyone have a recipe for something that includes chocolate and peanut butter?! YUM!



  • Mmmm chocolate and peanut butter! I was thinking about banana boats that I used to make in Guides last night (banana cooked in tinfoil with yummy stuff on it). Peanut butter and chocolate would be nice with a banana:) I have the peanut butter, but nothing else:(

  • Oh my gosh, I remember those! Sooooooo good. Peanut butter, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. All I have is half of a banana that is quickly going bad and some peanut butter. Hmph 🙁

  • I was at a friend's the other night and she made those peanut butter/mini-marshmallow/choc chip/buterscotch chip squares. So sweet but very yummy. I usually only make them at Christmas, so it was a nice treat. Seriously, whoever thought to put PB and chocolate together is pure genius. Better than… 😉

  • I make peanut butter and chocolate smoothies when I want something sweet. Mix peanut butter, chocolate (either chocolate sauce or melted chocoate), banana if you have one, and a liquid (milk, water, etc). Add a little ice if you want a cold treat. Blend and enjoy!

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