Parenting Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda…

Monkey will be 9 months old next week (Eeek! Where has the time gone?!). At this point in the game we have already had a hundred and one different routines, ideas, habits, phases, and so on. Some have changed because they were ineffective, some changed because he grew out of them and some changed without us even noticing them until we realized things were different.

As I reflect back on the past 9 months I can’t help but wonder how things would have gone if we had done things differently. Like, if we had tried harder to make Monkey fall asleep in his crib from the start, despite his crying and apparent need for assistance, would that make him a better sleeper now? Or is he just a bad sleeper regardless of our efforts?

So Moms and Dads, here is my question: Regardless of how old your child(ren) are now (1 week, 1 year, 10 years, 20 years….) what 3(ish) things would you do differently if/when you have another baby? I know, I know, YOUR baby is perfect and you’d do it the same all over again, right?! 😛
If you don’t have a baby but have spent time with other parents and their young ones, what things would you do differently than what you have seen?

Let me clarify: this is HYPOTHETICAL! I am NOT pregnant nor do I expect to be any time in the next few years!
Okay, I’ll go first:

1. I will take Baby #2 to the chiropractor as soon as they’ll see him/her to prevent any spine/posture related problems down the road.
2. I will try HARDER (although I’m still not sure that’s possible) to get Baby #2 to sleep  better. Some how. Some way. I don’t know how. I just will.
3. I won’t get so bogged down with feeling like I’m supposed to do what every expert in every book says, I’ll just trust my instincts better right from the start (because Hubby and I know Monkey best, despite the well-meaning but sometimes unwelcome advice of others)

What do you think?



  • Ok so I don't have a little one nor am I prego, but here are my three that I'd like to try and do:

    1. Feed my child fruits and veggies early in any form also do this with every child! I've heard so many parents say their first child has great eating habits but they just gave up on the second.

    2.socialize my child with people outside of our family so that they learn to respect teachers and such.

    3. Try to explain on their level when I can anything and everything. And being honest about it! I don't think some parents give their kids enough credit for how smart they really are. If you talk to a baby like a baby how will they ever learn to speak correctly. They are trying to copy what you say!


  • I'm not sure what I would change!

    1) I would enforce my discipline more regularly. With my husband being gone so much there are times that it's easier to just not deal with it but that needs to stop.

    2) I would get out to more play groups and make that a priority.

    3) I would spend more time just having fun with them and enjoying the moments before they grow up and change! Love more and yell less!

  • If I have another child here are the things I would do different:

    1. I would make a better effort to not buy any baby food at all and give them table food earlier
    2. I would try to use cloth diapers instead of disposables to save money
    3. I would also try to get out with them more instead of being such a home body!

    Although I would do these things different I Would change my child for the world and although we have our ups and downs I love it all the same!

  • Melanie… I would not do anything different at all…look how terriifc you turned out so we must have done all the right things

    Mom and Dad

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