Religion and Friendship

Today’s blog is just a question that’s been on my mind. I am interested in your comments!!

Here it is:
Are common religious views important in friendship?


  • As long as you can agree to disagree, I don't think it's necessary to have the same viewpoints on anything. I had a friend who always had to be right and would argue to the point of hysterics (on her part), so needless to say we are no longer friends. It's nice if you do share the same view on religion or both are involved in a similar religion, but not necessary. Other commonalities will foster the friendship as well.


  • Absolutely not.

    I go to church every Sunday, and feel strongly about my Christian views and that Jesus died for my sins and that by asking for forgiveness I will go to Heaven when I die.

    Many people do not believe what we do. Of course I wish they did, and I even pray that they will, but to let that stand between a friendship? No way!

    I have never been one to preach and so I don't think that my religion has affected any relationships I've had, other than in a positive way I hope!

    That being said, I also think it's important to mention that a common religious factor isn't enough either. I have many acquaintances in the church but I would never meet up with them in a social setting because our personalities don't mesh at all.

    I think you need to find someone who you get along with, can confide in and laugh with, and forgot all of the other factors like race, religion, sexual orientation, age, etc.

  • I agree with Adey's post. I also think that if someone was so set in their beliefs and they collided with my own and that they lived them and voiced them all the time… I'm not sure if we would have as much in common in the first place to become friends.

  • Having grown up in newmarket, I had a very narrow view of the world. I really didn't have any contact with anyone who was from a different culture or had different religious views from me.

    I went to U of T for my university education and wow what a shock!! I was often in the minority in my classes. Working/living in Toronto I have found many amazing friends in people from different cultures and religions. I think I have learnt the most from those people and I find that as long as you have an open mind and you respect each other as people friendships are possible and often close ones develop. One of my best work friends was born in Iraq and is muslim. I have learned so much from her and respect her religious views so much. Heck, I even ended up marrying someone from a different culture with a different religious background!

    I think diversity makes life exciting. I love to hear how others see the world!


  • I don't think common religious views are important in friendship. Of course they do add an extra layer of connection for you and that person as you have the same views. I have a very good friend who is not religious at all where I do believe in God and have faith… we are friends for other reasons not because of what we believe. I think like anything you have to have acceptance. If you accept that person for who they are and value them for their characteristics rather than their religious beliefs it should not matter. The only way I can see it being a problem is if you or the other person are trying to force your/their beliefs upon them/you.

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