The Bad Waitress

This afternoon Hubby, Monkey, the In-Laws and I went to a nearby town for lunch and a bit of shopping. We decided to try a restaurant we had never been to before. The menu was good, the food was excellent, the decor was nice, and the price was right. But the service was Crap with a Capital C.

We were seated promptly and our orders taken in a timely fashion. Drinks were brought and meals served without a hitch. Waitress was quiet and not particularly cheerful but she was nice enough.

And then someone, without our know-how, tossed Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak on us. And you didn’t think it existed! If we didn’t see it happen then how did we know? Because POOF! We ceased to exist, apparently, in the mind of Waitress.

She never checked on us once, didn’t ask how our meal was, did not refill my soft drink which sat empty on the table for about three quarters of our time at the table (and I was really thirsty!). I would have just caught her eye and asked for more, but she paid us so little attention that I honestly didn’t know which waitress was OUR Waitress. When we finished our meal our dishes sat empty on the table for at least half an hour while we finished feeding Monkey his lunch. She didn’t clear them or offer us anything else. Father-in-law put on his hat in an effort o signal that we were getting ready to leave, but Waitress didn’t notice. We packed up Monkey’s lunch bag, but Waitress didn’t notice. Finally Hubby stood up and took Monkey up into his arms and finally (FINALLY) Waitress came over and said to me in a near whisper, “Would you like anything else?”.

My mind said, “Well not now, you useless waif. Perhaps if you had asked us 30 f*cking minutes ago we might have considered it, but now I am so pissed off that I have lost all desire to sit here for another moment, never mind order something else only so that we might further be ignored and wait another 30 minutes after finishing it to get our bill. I could have sat naked at the table while I wasted away from dehydration due to my never refilled soft drink that cost $2.25 and was mostly ice to begin with and I honestly do not think you would have noticed.”

Instead, I said, “Just the bill.”

I didn’t even say, “Please”. Take that, bi-otch.

Mother-in-Law stood to pay the bill and Hubby requested that she not leave a tip. Too polite to leave nothing at all but not polite enough to leave a standard tip, she left $4. I might have left less, like perhaps a quarter, the expired coupon and the lint I happen to have in my pocket.

SO the question is: Do YOU tip a bad waitress? Have you been a waitress given a bad tip? Feel free to comment on anything relevant.

Oh, and I’m still recovering from my near-death dehydration experience. Like really, one drink and I had fries, a pickle, AND mustard. Was she trying to kill me?



  • Wow – I am SO curious to know which restaurant this was!! Do tell next time we are together 🙂

    As for tipping, I find that we almost always tip way over the 15-20% marker but if it's a bad waitress we tip the bare minimum (usually still 15%). That being said, ONCE I believe we had such horrible service that we didn't tip anything at all and I felt terrible for doing so, but also felt that the waitress needed a wake up call!

    I hope the next time you go out your service is perfect!

  • That totally sucks. The problem is that people will still tip for that service. If you are going to get 15% for ignoring customers why would they bother trying?? I have been known to leave less than 10% for really bad service.

    Once I went out with my inlaws and all the aunts and uncles for my husbands grandma's birthday. It was a big table and everything was pre-ordered. They were rude to us, made us wait like 45minutes for our PRE-ORDERED food and it came out cold. So my mother in law and husbands aunt were so mad that they didnt leave any tip. The owner/waitress had the gall to come up to them and ASK if they forgot to leave the tip!!!! They told her the service was so bad that they didn't deserve a tip and we all walked out….worst service ever.


  • We, of English heritage, have a different view on tipping people. To us, TIP stands for "To Improve Performance".. i.e the better the performance, the more I will tip. It does not stand for "To Ignore People". I had a similar experience with a waitress in a Newmarket recently. My wife and I were shown to our table and then ignored for over 30 minutes. Did I tip ? Yes, I left $1 because if I had left nothing they may have thought that I had forgotten. I also sent an e-mail to the Company's Customer Service and received an apology from them.
    Should you have tipped…I say yes but only a very small amount to make your point.

  • Having been a server in the past I can be extremely critical of the service I receive today. However most of the time service is good. In the future if I do come across some horrible service as you mentioned above I believe I would get the manager. Most of the time they will either comp your meal or try to give you some coupon to come back with. And the person who delivered such service will hear about it. Now I'm not one to be a tattle tail. But of you ruin my dining experience without any form of apology I'm going to let you know how unhappy I am. And if my meal is free then you can expect the proper tip for a $0.00 bill.

    It's a service industry…if I don't get good service or any for that matter than why would I give my money for something I didn't receive?


  • Well I have a story… One time my hubby and I and a couple of friends went to a restaurant. The girl standing in the door way that greets you (I have no idea of the proper name for such a person) makes a big deal about us not making a reservation, but sits us anyways. When hubby then orders a well done steak, she had the balls to come over and get very rude almost yell like tone at hubby for ordering something that takes so long to cook and then adds the fact that she squeezed us in. so I said… no tip for you.

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