Gimme, Gimme Never Gets…


Isn’t that how the saying goes? I thought it rhymed better than that. Well, that’s the gist of it, anyway.

Where are your manners?
No, not you, 8 year old child (although they could be a little better).
No, not you 17 year old dude with the piercings and the tats.

I’m talking to you, middle aged woman at Tim’s, or 30 year old man on the street.
Or the a-hole who gave me the finger in Edmonton last week because when the light changed green I didn’t move quite quickly enough. Or the jerk who flashed his high beams at me because he wouldn’t let me into his lane so I had to deek in rather quickly which, apparently, pissed him off. (What was his thought process there? “That b**ch cut me off. LOOK AT THESE BRIGHT LIGHTS FOR 42 SECONDS. There. That aughta’ have her singing a different tune”.)


Oh I really like this one. This has happened to me twice lately.
Someone held the door open for me because I was pushing Monkey in his stroller (kind gesture, no?!). When I smiled and said, “Thank you!”, they avoided eye contact and grunted (What the…?).

I’m confused. Are you polite or are you a cave man?

I understand that you might be having a bad day. Perhaps your alarm didn’t go off this morning. Maybe you were out of O.J. Perhaps someone took your parking spot or you stubbed your toe or your computer got a virus.

But you know what? I don’t really give a rat’s ass. I’m sorry if that sounds unsympathetic, but I don’t. I don’t know you from Adam (or Joe, or Cy, or Matt, or Brad) and I am not to blame for your potentially crappy day. I just want you to say “You’re welcome” after I’ve said “Thank you”. And don’t confuse me by being a polite cave man because I am way to sleep deprived to try to make sense of that, ya big weirdo.

As most of you know, I am a teacher. I don’t know a single teacher who would accept this behaviour from our students. We all know the act that goes like this:
Teacher hands object to student. Student attempts to take object and walk away without displaying gratitude. Teacher says, “Pardon?”. Student says, “I didn’t say anything”. Teacher says, “I know. What should you say?”. Student says, “Oh. Thank you.”

I think the cave man might bludgeon me if I attempted a similar conversation with him but nonetheless, why are adults displaying behaviour we wouldn’t accept from an 8 year old? Is it so hard to smile at me if I smile at you? Can you say, “You’re welcome” if I thank you? Do you always have to look as though you have sand in your ovaries or piss in your Corn Flakes or whatever the saying is?

Take this for what it’s worth. Perhaps I’m just a pissed off Mama who expects too much from total strangers. But I like to think I’m just a girl who was raised with morals and manners and I really don’t think it’s too much to expect the same in return from the people I meet.

So there.

You’re welcome for the blog.
Thank you for reading.



  • Ahhaha – I started reading the title and tried to think if I (or Nolana) did something rude today!!

    I agree though – many people can't be bothered to say Please, Thank-you and You're Welcome anymore.
    I find when I say thanks I expand to "Oh, thank you so much!" and most people pause like they are surprised.
    I guess people think "Thanks" isn't sincere anymore?? I have no idea.

    Not everyone mind you, but some parents I want to smack for allowing their children to stop being polite when they become teenagers… Manners still apply!

  • Oh you know what really bugs me is the people who don't say goodbye at the end of a phone conversation! They just hang up when they have the answer to their question. I don't understand how that is acceptable!


  • Sad to know the rudeness travels all over our great nation. And "they" say Canadians are polite – well if that is polite what is it like in the rest of the world???

  • This reminds me of an interaction I had several months ago at the grocery store. I was bagging my groceries and being pregnant and very large, I was moving more slowly than usual. The gentleman behind me wanted to get by so he could bag his groceries. Instead of asking politely for me to move, he grunted at me. I turned to him, smiled, and said "I'm sorry sir but I don't respond to grunts, however an 'excuse me' would work wonders". I turned back to my groceries and continued bagging them until he finally realized that I wasn't going to move until he asked politely!

    – Kaitlin

  • about in the express check out.. I have 1 article and the person that rushed in to beat me there has 15 (you are allowed up to 16)..she looked right at me, saw my one grocery, turned and put her 15 on the belt..wouldn't it have been nice if she had said "oh!, you only have one, please go ahead of me"


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