Melanie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Okay I may or may not have stolen this title from a little fictional boy named Alexander but it so perfectly summarizes how my day began that I just couldn’t help it.

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day actually began last night with a crappy sleep (thank you, Monkey). My little angel, who ended up in bed with me shortly before 3:30am then woke and tossed and turned beside me from 5:30am until the much more acceptable hour of 6:30am (I don’t even think the Man in the Sky was up yet). We snuggled in bed to the lovely serenade of my dog, Tucker, vomiting on the carpet. We got up and began our day only for me to discover my other dog, Daisy, had eaten my favourite only-sold-during-the-holidays-can’t-buy-it-locally-must-order-online-lip gloss. Then Monkey decided to take a T-5 minute nap, timing his tearful wakeup perfectly with me getting soaked but not yet clean in the shower, resulting in my jumping out soaking wet, wrapping myself in my robe and trying to quickly get him back to sleep. Thirty minutes later and slightly less wet and freezing Monkey was playing in his playpen, the napping strike officially began.

And this was only 9:15am.

My day continued along this craptacular path (including Monkey’s all-out melt down before nap time because I would not let him bite my nipples….I think my refusal was justified, no?) all the way until my physical at the doctor’s office. There really is nothing quite like a good pap smear to lift one’s spirits.

Fortunately three things turned my day around:

1. I bought myself a new diaper bag online which I adore and can’t wait to get in the mail ( Retail therapy is AWESOME and a vice I rarely fall back on so this felt especially indulgent.

2. My friend, Miss A, looked after Monkey while I attended the aforementioned doctor’s appointment and afterwards we enjoyed a coffee/tea together and watched the kidlets play. (To clarify, it was the coffee date, not the doctor’s appointment which cheered me up.)

3. At said friend’s house Monkey let out many, many loud farts. Now, this may not seem like a really big deal to you, but to me it was the daily “aha” moment which explained Monkey’s strange mood and random bursts of crying. Gas pains are no fun for babies and he was so much happier for the rest of the day!! Hooray for farts! (Although we call his “toots” because “farts” sounds to man-ish for such a cute, tiny boy).

After putting Monkey to bed early (he was Tired with a Capital T) I am now watching shows I PVR’d earlier in the week and eating a bowl of strawberries and Cool Whip while blogging. Mmmmm….

Okay, now that my Pity Party is officially over, it’s your turn. When have you had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? What happened? What turned it around? Comment, please, so I don’t feel QUITE so self-pitying!!

Now back to “Harry’s Law” and my strawberries.

Mel 🙂

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  • Ok at this time I do not have a horrible day story however this move to Florida is having it's rocky moments.

    The short version is we now are renting a house which will remain empty because the moving company messed up and our stuff that should have been delivered today will not be coming until at least October 5. And that's the earliest day. Oh and did I mention we are running out of days the air force will pay for our lodging… And my hubby only has one uniform with him and I have no interview clothes to go job hunting. To top it off the moving company said they would pay hardship fees like us having to stay in lodging longer and eating out but not for groceries or real plates only plastic.

    So we have an awesome house with no bed and I can apply for jobs and then explain why I'm showing up in a t-shirt and jeans.

    By the way I love the way you write and if you ever decide to publish something I'll be first in line to buy!


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