Sleep Saga: An Update…

It’s been over a week since I posted about the new chapter in our sleep saga and I thought some of you might be interested in how we’re coming along.

That’s a word. It so is.

Night time sleep has become a dream (ha, ha). Let’s remember what our evenings and nights looked like two weeks ago:

7:00 Book, bottle, lullaby. Rock/snuggle Monkey to sleep. Lay him in crib. Cross fingers he didn’t wake on the way down and sneak out of the room. Repeat if he awoke before I got to the door.
7:30 Usually woke up for no particular reason. Rock/snuggle, lay, pray, tiptoe.
9:00 Wake –> Rock/snuggle, lay, pray, tiptoe.
10:00 Wake –> Offer bottle, Rock/snuggle, lay, pray, tiptoe.
11:00, 12:30, 1:30, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 Wake –? Rock/snuggle, lay, pray, tiptoe OR bring into bed when we would usually wake up just as often but replace rock/snuggle, lay, pray, tiptoe with roll, boob in mouth.
5:30-6:30 Start our day


Now let’s take a peek at our current evening and nights:
7:00 Book, bottle, lullaby. Snuggle during lullaby and lay Monkey in his crib when his eyes are heavy. Leave the room (tiptoeing unnecessary since he’s awake). Monkey cries for 0 – 5 minutes maximum then falls asleep on his own.
10:00 Wake –> goes back to sleep on his own in 2 minutes or less.
3:00 Wake –> goes back to sleep on his own in 2 minutes or less.
4:30 Wake –> Still has difficulty with this one. Usually cries until 5 regardless of how often I visit or don’t visit.
5:00 Wake –> Bring him into bed. Snuggle soundly.
7:00-7:45 Start our day

Can you say HELL TO THE YEAH!

I still do NOT regret not doing this sooner. I am still very proud that we tried everything else first. It’s only been a week but already it seems like a while ago that we were dealing with all of those wake ups. And Monkey is much more pleasant over all – more independent during the day, in a better mood, more talkative, less clingy.

We are still dealing with naps: unfortunately the Ferber Method isn’t really working its magic quite the same way there. He has put himself to sleep for 3 naps in the last week: two of which he cried for 15 minutes, one he cried for 40 minutes and all three of which he still only slept for 30 minutes. Now call me a softy but I just don’t see the point in having my child cry for longer than he’s asleep. The other naps in the past week have been in strollers or carseats (or airplanes) or I have put him to sleep myself because otherwise it just wasn’t working. I tried several different times the other day to get him to sleep with the same methods we’ve been using at night and the poor little kiddo just sat in his crib and cried and cried to break his heart. Apparently day sleep and night sleep are organized by different parts of the brain and do not necessarily respond to the same techniques. So we’ll find what works there, but in the mean time I am just thrilled to feel like an ordinary person in the evening and night and not someone tied to the baby monitor.

I guess now that I’m not bounding up an entire set or two of stairs every 30-90 minutes I’ll have to find a new form of exercise though, eh?
I think I’ll survive.

Hell. Yes. I am rested.

Mel 🙂


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  • YAY!!! That is sooo awesome for you. I'm glad you stuck to your guns about this until you both were obviously ready for it. Hope he keeps it up for you 🙂

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