Not So Scary

It’s been a little over a month since my last post but so much has happened!
Here’s the skinny on this curvy Mama:

1. I went back to work…times two! I was offered a part time Kindergarten position which I grabbed with the same excitement and small amount of drool that my dogs take an empty peanut butter jar. As you will recall I did NOT want to go back to work, I wanted to stay home with Monkey forever and ever. Well now I’m singing a different tune because this arrangement is just so damned perfect. I work 2-3 days a week which means I get the other 2-3 days home with Monkey. And my fears about how he would be at daycare are GONE. Our daycare lady, Miss E, is so awesome. She and her hubby, Grampa C, are now Monkey’s third set of Grandparents. After a brief adjustment period Monkey now loves going there and as much as I miss him (the first day my body literally ached I missed him so much) I am loving the chance to be back in my profession and I really love every second. It is the perfect balance.

2. I mentioned having two jobs. In the same week that I started teaching Kindergarten I also started my own business! I love, love, love, love working for myself and the team with whom I am working could not be more awesome. I will NOT turn this blog into an advertising forum for my own business, so I’ll simply say that I am looking to expand my team and if this is something you might be interested in please leave me a comment with your email address and I will contact you (you won’t regret it! So awesome! Going to earn me a BENZ, BABY!)

3. Hubby has gone away at the same time as jobs 1 and 2 began AND Monkey started daycare because as you know, that’s how we roll in this lifestyle! So Monkey and I have handled most of the adjustment ourselves but we are in knee deep now and it’s all going very well.

4. We have adopted three baby orang-utans.

Just kidding.
That would be insane.
But the list looked short at just 3 things so I thought I’d add a fourth.

So all the fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, glasses of wine, conversations, nightmares and so on and so forth were for nothing, really. Well, except the wine, that’s never for nothing. In 30 days my life has changed so much and I am rockin’ and rollin’ and loving every second. Except the many seconds around the 3:30am mark when Monkey wakes up and due to his never-ending cough cannot get back to sleep. But the rest of them are great.

Now we’re just counting down until Hubby comes home and then things will be truly perfect.

Until the adoption is processed for the orang-utans.

Take care and have a glass of wine!!
🙂 Mel

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  • You go girl!!! Roll with the punches — you will remember and cherish every one of them!!

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