A Week of Lessons Learned

Happy Friday! Today is my sister’s very favourite day of the whole week and if you are Monday to Friday worker it’s probably your favourite, too! 

I’m the type of person that likes to learn from every experience. Positive or not-so-much there are lessons to be learned in everything from huge life events to daily living. These  lessons can be life-altering or simply small realizations but they are important. Since I have this forum and am trying to drown out the sound of Monkey calling me when he should be sleeping, I thought I would reflect on the last week and summarize what I learned, so here it goes:
1. I am so not 22 years old. I’m not that far from it (29) but learned this past week that those 6 years make a really big difference. I’m sure people who are six years older than I am are laughing and thinking the same thing of me and that’s ok, you are welcome to write your own blog about that. As usual, this one is about me 😛
2. I HATE city driving. No…correction….I hate city drivers. I didn’t realize that some car models in bigger cities do not come with the option to indicate when changing lanes. Fascinating.
3. Roundabouts/traffic circles are good only in theory.
4. Turns out I really prefer the Tim Horton’s overly sweet cappuccinos. It seems real cappuccinos are actually just creamy really strong coffee and the other half of the cup is frothy milk which disappears in the first 9 seconds leaving you with just half a cup of strong coffee for $4.50.
5. No matter how much I love my kid, MAMA NEEDS HIM TO TAKE A NAP! You’re only TWO for crying out loud. (I can now hear him doing his own rendition of “Ring around the rosie” with his face pressed up against the inside of his bedroom door. I’ll be really screwed when he is tall enough to reach and turn the doorknob handle. Silver lining for having a short kid, I guess…???)
6. No matter how frustrated I am with the aforementioned nap refusal, it is hard to keep my game face on when I tell Monkey, “Ok you don’t have to sleep but Mommy needs a rest. I’ll just sleep beside you so you need to stay still and quiet so I can sleep” and he gives me his stuffies and covers me with his blanket. (I also think it’s hilarious that I thought that might ACTUALLY word. Psh.)
7. The cuteness in #6 fades quickly when he then thinks I am actually asleep and therefore assumes he can play at will and I can’t see what he’s doing.
8. You do not get QV when you use a Customer Service voucher. If you aren’t an Arbonner that will make absolutely zero sense to you but it is a good lesson I learned this week so it made the list.
9. There is NOTHING to do in this town on weekends. I learned that a year and a half ago but it seems I re-learn that every time the weekend approaches and we look at each other and say, “So what are we going to do this weekend?” as if the world is our oyster when really our world is just a microscopic one-celled sea anemone. 
10. A three-fire-truck house fire is very exciting for a 2 year old neighbour to see but is terrifying for homeowners and neighbours.
Ok, 10 is enough because (a) that’s all I can think of, (b) I think a list with 10 is lovely as it is, and (c) I’m not sure how much longer I can tune out, “Mooooommmmmmyyyyyyyyy……….MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY” without losing my mind.
I hope your week ahead is full of lessons! Feel free to add yours from this past week in the comments section below (which I feel is highly underused, by the way, dear readers!).
Have a great weekend
🙂 Mel
a.k.a. Moooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • oh Mel! I just interupted Curtis' hockey watching to read him #5. And number 6 used to work for me, Isla would fall asleep beside me, but apparently the world is way too exciting for her now to sleep aywhere but her crib 🙂 Oh the day when she starts yelling words from her room lol. I don't know if I'll be able to stay strong. I often wrestle with "am I not going up because I am too tired and don't want to deal with her" or "she needs to learn to sleep and soothe herself". Oh motherhood, so many leassons! Lauren xx

  • Hi Mel! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    – Emma

    emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

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