One Days (Yes, plural)

Hello again! I just came across this in my “Draft” folder and realized it never got published. So to honour the mood I was in that day, it finally makes it into the bright light of public viewing and scrutiny. 

And for you tonight, dear readers, a list of One Days.
You know, One days. As in, “one day I will do this….”
I make no promises as to the clarity or sensibility of this because I’m really tired but I was in the mood for writing so you get what you get tonight.

The A Type personality in me really like lists, so here is another one for you.


1.One day I will sleep all the way through the night without getting up. In my own bed. With my husband. I might be 80 but so help me, God, it will happen.

2. One day it will be spring and I will already know with certainty what my job will be in September. One day it will not be teaching.

3. One day my floors will be clean for more than an hour AND I will still have dogs and kids. I’m not sure yet how this will be accomplished but I’m thinking it might involve a Swiffer wet/dry attached to the back of the dogs that they can just haul around and clean up after themselves.

4. One day Spanx will be comfortable. I would write, “one day I won’t need to wear Spanx” but this list is meant to be things that have a good chance of actually materializing, and let’s be honest, I love macaroni and cheese a little too much. And I’m good with that.

5. One day I will own a Mercedes Benz (ok, I actually know how I’m going to make that one happen)

6. One day I will live in a town with more than 3 clothing stores.

7. One day…..

And that was the end! Apparently the fatigue got the better of me. Anyway, these made my chuckle and I thought I’d really break the molde by publishing two blogs on the same day. Apparently the Type A side of me likes to make the lists but the Type B (is that even right?) doesn’t mind if they’re incomplete.


Mel 🙂

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