Cleavage Sweat (I had you at “cleavage”, didn’t I?)

I thought it had been a few months since I last wrote. I was right…if by “a few” I actually meant “12”. Egads. Well, readers (and by “readers” I mean my friends and family and the few readers who clicked “I’m feeling lucky” on the Google home page and landed here by accident), I am long overdue for an update. I am hoping that by writing just an update today I’ll  get my writing mojo flowing again and will write on a more regular basis.

The last time I wrote I was heavily pregnant with Jellybean and was suffering from a pretty overwhelming dose of Mommy Guilt. At that time I had friends and family rallying and supporting me with encouraging comments like, “You’re a great Mom! Two kids will be no sweat!”,  “Of course you’ll love the baby as much as you love Monkey!”, “You were a kindergarten teacher. If you can manage 18 kids you can definitely manage two!” and “Three cheers for Mel!” followed by a rousing chorus of “Hip, hip, hooray!” by hoards of people at a local community event. Okay, that last one didn’t happen. But I’m sure it would have if I had simply been in the right place at the right time.


It turns out that these people were right. Sort of. I am a great Mom. (I’m not tooting my own horn here, I just know that I am. Like I know that all my best friends are and my own Mom and Mother-in-law are. It’s just a fact. If you don’t have confidence in your own parenting like that just come on over here and you can have some of mine. I have extra). I  do love Jellybean as much as I love  Monkey. I can “manage” two kids.

But also they were wrong. Two kids is sweat. A lot of freakin’ sweat. Sweat that pours down my face and neck and cleavage (mmmm) while  I wear my hefty Jellybean and march around the house in a steady rhythm while simultaneously patting his bum in a specific way with my right hand  and rubbing his back with my left hand and all the while singing another round of The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect (hey, if you’re going to sing the same thing over and over again at least make it something you really like) all in an effort for him to eventually fall asleep only to be awakened 6  minutes later by someone sneezing. Also, teaching a class of 18 students is absolutely in no way like parenting. First of all, it’s only my circus for 7 hours a day and then the little monkeys go home to their own ring masters. Also there is no recess in parenting. And parent-teacher interviews would be a little strange with me on one side of the desk and Hubby on the other, don’t you think? But having Jellybean has been a blessing in so many ways. He is adorable and sweet and snuggly and lovely. Except for now. Now he has a cold and he’s fussy and clingy and miserable and difficult to keep happy. But it’s just a cold and this, too, shall pass so I’ll just let Hubby parade him around my in-laws garden as long as he is happy to while I hide in here and write.

Having a second child has been great for Monkey, too. Monkey has really come into his own in the last 10 months. (“Come into his own”. I know you know what I mean but what a strange phrase. What does that even mean? Where is the rest of the sentence? Come into his own house? Come into his own pyjamas? Come into his own small fortune? But I digress.) He has become independent, social with anyone under the age of 12, somewhat responsible and overall just a lovely little 4 1/2 year old. He is not without his moments, of course, but I love him to death and wish that I could go back in time to tell Pregnant Mel that Big Brother Monkey is going to flourish rather than be squandered by a baby brother.

In other news, we’ve moved across the country. Hubby was posted from Smalltown, Alberta to Best City, Ontario. We are sooooooo pumped. Our House Hunting Adventure back in May was its own barrel of monkeys that had us so frustrated that  I think I can feel my blood pressure rising as I think about it so I’ll spare you the details. I’ll just say that after putting in four offers in three days we finally found a house. I liked it then but now, after living in it for a whole 10 days, I am in love with it. It’s big and laid out well and while we are here in Newfoundland my parents went up for a few days to paint Monkey’s room (superman red and grey/blue) and our front/play room and entryway (spa blue and grey). We have yet to see it in person but I am so excited to get home because the pictures are gorgeous.

Well….I guess that’s it. Nothing exciting, really. Just had a baby  and moved across the country.

Actually, those are both pretty big deals and our lives are totally different than they were a year ago.

But you know. Whatever.

Well, dear readers, thanks for plugging in. Like I said at the beginning I hope to write more. Now that we have a little office area set up in the play room and I have a baby who will sleep somewhere other than in my arms at night this should be doable.

I’ll leave you with what I tell Monkey on a regular basis:

Choose a great attitude today. Choose happy. Choose grateful.

🙂 Mel

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