New Year’s Doesn’t Matter

– New Year, New You
– Resolutions
– Promises
– Fresh starts
– New Month; New Year; NEW DECADE! What WILL you accomplish?

Sick of all the same kind of posts yet?
This time of year (and especially this year, because 2020 – WOWZA) it can feel like the pressure is ON to somehow reinvent ourselves; become super duper mindful, become better than ever. People are dusting off their gym clothes, getting out their journals and food scales, promising themselves and their entire social media network that THIS.IS.THEIR.YEAR. Things are ’bout to get REAL for everyone. REAL, I tell ya.

But what if we just want to, you know, chill a bit?

What if we want to coast along, stay inside, rest, and treat ourselves to some extra quiet self compassion? What if we are already working on ourselves and don’t feel the zest to double up our efforts right now? What if we already love ourselves for the way we are today AND for the self-improvement journey we started long ago? What if we actually feel like we are going *backwards* this month…regressing into a few extra treats these quieter, colder months…wearing more sweatpants…reading less news…doing more meditation and yoga and less sweating our proverbial balls off at a gym packed with resolution-fitness-seekers?

Guys: that’s okay, too.

This is me right now.
I’m already a huge work in progress. I’m already always working towards more mindfulness and peace. I began a never-ending journey towards a more awakened, spiritual, healthful journey at several points throughout the past few years. It began with the meeting of a woman who in no time at all would become a soul sister. She introduced me to a side of spirituality I had never encountered before. And then, a few years later, several other dear friends introduced me to a Naturopath and plant based eating and changed the way I ate and drastically altered my relationship with food. And then, more recently, a beautiful soul in Okinawa, Japan, led me to creating a brand and a business that fills my heart and makes it sing.

All of these events were and are revolutionary. But none of these life-changing new chapters began on a January 1. They happened at a time when I was ready for them, on a date and at a time where my soul and my mind was ready to grow and start something new. And so at the beginning of this new year, month, and decade, I flipped over the calendar, but otherwise, I feel remarkably unremarkable.

So yes, absolutely all of the Happy New Year greetings. And if you want to dust off your sneakers and hit the treadmill then 100% go do it and I am PROUD OF YOU. If you want to get healthier (mind, body and spirit) there is never a BAD time to do that and I support you in the fullest way I can.

But also, happy January. Happy Thursday. Happy 2:40pm. These are all moments to celebrate and honour, too, if they hold within them the possibility of light and love and transformation in the way you need it now. But you don’t need a big day to start something new. You don’t need a ball dropping or a gown or a kiss at the stroke of midnight to resolve to take bigger steps towards the person you are becoming. You need a friend, or a cup of tea, or that one inspirational quote you read on Instagram at just the right moment. So I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll continue to move forward on my self development journey at my own pace and not necessarily at any specific and predetermined moment in time.

Happy everything,
And I truly am proud of you.

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