About Mel


Over the past 14 years as a military spouse, and during the past several years in particular, I have been dedicated to not just tolerating this life as a military wife, but truly embracing it and becoming better because of it. The evolution I am enjoying is remarkable. Not one to hold back sharing my gifts with others, I have become passionate about helping other military spouses experience the same kind of transformation I continue to experience almost every day. I have a background in teaching and degrees in Education, Drama and a minor in Psychology. I am not a professional psychiatrist, parenting expert, nor am I perfect in my own life, but I have insight and instincts that have been instrumental in my own development as a mother, woman, and military wife. 

We have recently moved to just outside of Ottawa, Ontario from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This move was our 5th one thanks to the military, and over the past 14 years as a military spouse I have learned a tremendous amount of skills and strategies that have taken me from feeling inferior and overwhelmed as a military wife to confident and gratefully immersed in this unique lifestyle and the people in it.


I have learned through the creation of my original blog and by talking to women and Moms everywhere that we all share a lot of the same thoughts and feelings but rarely talk about them. We know what we don’t want as military spouses, mothers, and women as a whole, but don’t know how to get it what we do want. We often have difficulty identifying what exactly is holding us back from experiencing life with the kind of joy and optimism we admire in others. While our lives and experiences all differ greatly, we all have several common bonds: We are powerful. We are resilient. We are capable of greatness. We are sisters in military wife life.


Find your path. Find your voice. Find your tribe.
I’m here to help!

Mel Perry
Military Lifestyle Mentor