Three Nights

Oh…my heart….

This isn’t really how I expected to feel this morning.

I have been looking forward to today for almost a whole year. Today begins the Canadian National Training Conference for my home-based business. Thousands of people are coming to Edmonton, a stone’s throw away from me, including people in my own Area and Nation and I am beyond thrilled. It is a weekend away to develop both personally and professionally. I’m rooming with some girls from my team and it is going to be great. (*Re-reading this section just now I noticed the distinct absence of exclamation marks…)

Except that I just dropped Monkey off at Lady’s house for daycare and I feel closer to tears than euphoria. I thought I would see him off and then come home, crank some tunes, and dance around while I pack. Instead, I’m sitting here with a weight on my chest and uncried tears burning the backs of my eyes.


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One Days (Yes, plural)

Hello again! I just came across this in my “Draft” folder and realized it never got published. So to honour the mood I was in that day, it finally makes it into the bright light of public viewing and scrutiny.¬†

And for you tonight, dear readers, a list of One Days.
You know, One days. As in, “one day I will do this….”
I make no promises as to the clarity or¬†sensibility of this because I’m really tired but I was in the mood for writing so you get what you get tonight.

The A Type personality in me really like lists, so here is another one for you.


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I Never…

Cast your memory back to those university days when you may or may not have played the drinking game, “I never” (or a variation of the same title). Well now that we’re all grown up (at least, some of the time), let’s play the Mama version.

I’ll start – I’ll write something that I NEVER thought I would do as a parent but HAVE DONE. If you have also done this then you indicate that and then write your own, “I never…”

I never let Monkey sleep in bed with us (and I “never” do this about every third or fourth night…more if Hubby is away!)

Okay, your turn. And don’t leave me hangin’, here!! Remember, if you HAVE let baby sleep in bed with you then you say so and then write your own “I never” statement. Feel free to comment more than once to keep this going for a bit!