Simple Lionheart Life: Our Journey to Minimalism Part 2

In an earlier post this month, I wrote about our family’s Journey to Minimalism. It isn’t an easy road and I don’t know if we will ever be *done* since we are all continually growing or changing our sizes or preferences. Seeing the positive changes in my sister N,  and in my friend Melissa at Simple Lionheart Life was really the catalyst for our change.

Having inspiration and guidance in any significant lifestyle change is important in order to be successful. Since I found Melissa’s mentorship to be so inspirational and really quite elemental in my success, I asked her if she would share some of her insight with my readers and she was only too happy to do so!

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My Journey into Minimalism

We have a lot of stuff. Two adults, two kids, two dogs, two fish, two cars, a pool, a trailer….all the things that go with all THOSE things mean we have a lot of stuff.

Each time we move, we take steps to downsize the volume of our possessions. But even then, we have rented storage units, built massive floor-to-12-foot-ceiling garage shelves, and utilized every nook and cranny of multiple basement storage rooms, all in preparation for house showings and moving. Every time we move we surprise ourselves with how much stuff we *still* have to find room for.

Last spring, in preparation for moving again, we AGAIN started going through our belongings. How was it possible that we STILL had so many things? Boxes and boxes came out from under the basement stairs. I laid all of those things out and our basement quickly became a sea of our personal histories. Fragments of our past, bits here and bits there, scattered amongst cardboard boxes and Rubbermaid totes. Photos, binders, souvenirs from our respective childhoods, school days, university, first ranks, first jobs, puppies, babies…it was all there. Neatly packed into boxes it was easy to believe that we had already dealt with it all. But going through every single item in every single box. It was more than my head and my heart could handle alone. It was too much. I very quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of items to go through as well as the physical appearance of the floor totally covered with it all.

It was time for the Big Guns.

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