One Days (Yes, plural)

Hello again! I just came across this in my “Draft” folder and realized it never got published. So to honour the mood I was in that day, it finally makes it into the bright light of public viewing and scrutiny. 

And for you tonight, dear readers, a list of One Days.
You know, One days. As in, “one day I will do this….”
I make no promises as to the clarity or sensibility of this because I’m really tired but I was in the mood for writing so you get what you get tonight.

The A Type personality in me really like lists, so here is another one for you.


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If Only I Could Find the Manual….

…to being a parent!

I love – read, LOVE my son. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me (getting married to my best friend is only slightly below that, but still, Monkey is the BEST) and I love him with all my heart and every fibre of my being. At 8 months old (as of yesterday!) he is creeping (learning to crawl), playing with everything, eating many different foods, feeding himself, laughing, smiling at everyone, getting many teeth (just cut his 7th!!), chasing the dogs, and learning and growing every day.

But do you know what he is not doing?
Not at night. Not during the day. Not in the car or the stroller or the baby wrap. He has a sleep-aversion, I suppose, and it’s taking its toll.

Here is a typical 24 hour period for us:

6:30am Rise and shine! Time to start the day.
8:00am Nap #1
8:30am Awake! Play, go for a walk, errands, whatever.
11:00am Nap #2
11:30am Awake! Play then lunch.
2:00pm Nap #3
2:30pm Awake! (Do you see a pattern?) Play, activities, whatever.
5:15ish pm Dinner, naked time (for him, not us!)
6:15pm Bath then bedtime activities (lotion, jammies, nurse, story)
7:00pm Bedtime
9:00pm Random awakening, pat back to go back to sleep (and no, he will not just go back to sleep if I left him alone. Yes, I’m sure.)
10:00pm Wake for a little nursing top-up
12:30am Wake for no reason whatsoever. Back pat or cuddle back to sleep.
2:00am Wake….I nurse him (probably don’t need to but he always seems hungry so I do)
4:30am Wake…attempt to cuddle, back pat, whatever to go back to sleep.
5:30am Wake…bring him in to bed with us out of sheer exhaustion.

Like….seriously? I could do EITHER an early awakening OR short naps OR frequent wakings at night but really? All three? And I do NOT deserve this, I was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old I will have you know. I deserve a good-sleeping baby, damnit!

We were on a better path just a few days ago but apparently at 8 months old many babies hit a “sleep regression” plus he just cut a tooth.

I have searched high and low and I just cannot find the manual for this child that tells me what to do!

Ok, your turn. I am dying to know what you wish was in the Mommy Manual at your house! How is your child different? Has she/he ever done something strange that leaves you scratching your head? Please share so I know I am not the only one going through a rough patch!!

*Note: I am NOT looking for advice on how to get Monkey to sleep. I have tried everything under the sun, read countless books, articles, websites and blogs. I have come to begrudgingly accept that this is his fault (I have allowed him one, this is it. He’s also given himself the curse of hating the car but that’s another story for another day). Thank you 🙂