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Experience the transformation 
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  • Specific mindfulness practices
  • Recommended systems and frameworks
  • A calm, organized home
  • A beneficial relationship with the military
  • Improved family dynamics
  • A mentor and group of like-minded people who GET YOU

    How would your life improve if you had all of the above?

Mel’s online group mentorship program is a unique, personalized personal growth opportunity that is just for you. Jump in and start the transformation you didn’t realize you needed until this moment.

“During the program Mel helped me out tremendously with small ideas to create more joy in the day to day life of being a military spouse”

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” [I love Mel’s] realistic motivation. It’s relatable and doesn’t feel unattainable. It’s finding humour in the hardness and getting through. “

One of the beautiful ladies in Season 1!

“The workload in this program is really good. Even if you had a family and a full time job it would still be totally manageable to do on a weekly basis.”